Learning Path AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, 1/e By Richard A. Jones
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Cert Guide by Anthony J. Sequeira

Lesson 1: Cloud Practitioner Certification

1.1 Overview

  • AWS as a service provider

  • Cloud value proposition

1.2 Exam Preparation Resources

  • Exam guide. Sample test questions

  • AWS Blogs

  • AWS documentation

1.3 Taking the Exam


  • Cloud Concepts

  • Security

  • Technology

  • Billing and Pricing

About 65 questions, 90 minutes. 70% is passing

Response types

  • Multiple choice

  • Multiple response

Exam Strategy

  • Review before submitting

  • On the first pass: choose the answers you know you know

  • Second pass: use the process of elimination

  • It's okay to guess. If you don't answer it will be wrong

1.4 Documentation and Study Material

  • AWS Website

  • AWS Documentation

  • AWS Forums

  • Quora

  • StackOverflow

  • Whitepapers